About Us

Isla InspiredModelled on a fabulous Danish idea, the Isla Inspired Organic Baby Clothes Library provides parents with an economical and sustainable way to cloth their young children (from birth to 3 years) from a library of gorgeous high quality organic baby clothes,in a circular subscription cycle for just £25 per month (plus p&p), without the waste of consumption usually involved in the speed of a child’s growth.

According to a recent documentary we throw away 7 tons of clothing and textiles every 10 minutes, which amounts to £150 million worth of clothes per year. By subscribing to the Isla Inspired Organic Baby Clothes Library parents/carers can avoid contributing to such waste from the moment their baby is born.

Our idea is that if parents start their subscription with the smallest sizes they don’t get as many items of clothing (15) and they don’t keep the products for long (1-3 months) before it is replaced, because this is the period that the child’s growth is the greatest. The larger the size, the longer they keep the products (6 months) because the child will grow more slowly and the more clothes (22 items) they get for their child. That way they always have really good quality clothing of the right size, at the right time,and none of the consumption waste of having piles of outgrown baby clothes inthe back of the wardrobe - and all for a fraction of the price. Parents can choose the brand of their packages online at www.islainspired.co.uk (and we've got all the best organic brands such as Frugi, Kite Kids, Little Green Radicals, Piccalilly, From Babies with Love and Panda and the Sparrow) andtheir package can be delivered in its own little bag on the day of their choice, and then exchanged with the next size up a few weeks later. When clothing is returned to us it is laundered and pressed in a natural and ethical neutral smelling baby product before it is passed on to the next child.

Isla Inspired provides a new way to consume. All our products are the best quality in view of the fact that they should not be discarded just because they have become too small for one child.